Article published 1 February 2023

Chemicals are dropped into containers using a pipette

Transition pathway for the chemical industry launched by the European Commission

The European Commission has launched the Transition Pathway for the chemical industry. The pathway identifies actions and conditions needed to achieve the green and digital transition and improve resilience in the chemical industry, in line with the updated EU industrial strategy.

Chemicals are present in more than 95% of manufactured goods and the EU chemicals industry is a major supplier of all essential and strategic value chains, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, EV batteries and construction materials. As the fourth largest industry in the EU, the chemical industry is important in the transition towards the European Green Deal goals of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

The transition pathway for the chemical industry includes 150 actions, covering 26 topics, to be implemented by the concerned stakeholders within an agreed timeframe.

The pathway is co-developed by the European Commission with EU member states, chemical industry and stakeholders, NGOs and other interested parties.

Access the Transition pathway for the chemical industry here External link, opens in new window.