Article published 19 June 2023

Montage of a portrait of Emma Strömberg and a picture of blue molecules on a blue background.

The first year with IRISS

One year has passed since the launch of IRISS, The International Ecosystem for Accelerating the Transition to Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design Materials, Products and Processes.

It has been an exciting year that included several events, co-creation activities and start of new collaborations. One of the focus areas has been building an interface between science, policy, and industry, resulting in intersectoral collaborations. A network with stakeholders interested in the SSbD concept or who have ambitions to implement SSbD within their organisations and product development has also been initiated.

During this first year, the IRISS partners have demonstrated great teamwork and commitment. One takeaway so far is that there is a strong need for a common understanding of the SSbD concept, says Emma Strömberg, Project Coordinator for IRISS.

In the upcoming year, the project will develop and launch a platform to further strengthen collaboration between stakeholders and serve as a common ground for sharing knowledge and best practices.

In May, the annual IRISS newsletter was published, summarizing key events and activities from the first year, as well as highlighting upcoming events.

Explore the newsletter here. External link.