Herbal oil and lavender flowers on wooden background


A fragrance is a chemical mixture, and it is a unique and complex combination of natural and synthetic ingredients that are added to products to give them a distinctive smell or to mask their unpleasant odors. By taking a lifecycle approach to its products across the value chain, focusing on environmental footprint and product safety, as well as committing to green chemistry, the fragrance industry is shifting to safer and more sustainable products.

Fragrances are not only essential to respond to consumer needs in hygiene and well-being products, but besides their relatively small amount in the finished product, they are ranked by consumers as one of the most important factors for purchase decisions.

The fragrance industry is not only committed to sourcing natural fragrance ingredients responsibly by reconciling nature conservation with social commitment, but bio-inspired synthetic raw materials also contribute significantly to a more prudent use of natural raw materials. Both are becoming sustainable by design and are shifting towards renewable carbon, renewable feedstocks, and bio-sourced ingredients.

The international Fragrance Association (IFRA) is an associated partner in IRISS. The Association represents the interests of the fragrance industry worldwide and brings together multinational regular member companies, supporting members and hundreds of small and medium-sized fragrance companies represented via 23 national associations. As an Association, IFRA is committed to promoting the safe use of fragrances for everyone’s enjoyment.