Beverage factory, Conveyor belt with juice in bottles, Industrial Interior in blue color, food and drink production line process.


Packaging materials, such as plastics, paper, and metals must solve the huge challenge of waste generation, pollution, and resource depletion. Sustainable design practices in packaging can help minimize the environmental footprint by reducing material usage, promoting reuse and recyclability, using renewable materials, and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Safe design practices consider the potential risks associated with packaging materials, such as chemical exposure or contamination. By using non-toxic materials and adhering to safety standards, the packaging industry can contribute to consumers' health and well-being.

The Industrial Technical Centre for Plastics and Composites (IPC) has the mission to catalyze plastic and composite innovation in France and is one of the partners in IRISS. IPC has a broad network within the industry and works with French and European technological and scientific players to meet the needs of companies on R&D issues, innovation, technology transfer and skills development.